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George Testimonial - April 2023


As a young adult, I feel like driving is a necessary skill to be able to have a much needed freedom compared to when you are a child, whether it be for trips with friends or driving to work everyday. As I did not learn before I went to university, I felt like I was behind a lot of my friends in being able to have this freedom. I had some previous experience at driving with my mother, however this was before I started university and I had not attempted driving a car since. Luckily, my younger sister and I managed to secure Gina as our driving instructor. From the first lesson, Gina was very informative and helped me get back to grips with the basics very quickly, whilst also incorporating new information about correct driving procedure whilst on the roads. Only after a few lessons, I felt quite confident in being able to drive short to medium distances, even without out of lesson practice. In addition to this, Gina was always cheerful, so much so that I looked forward to my lesson each week, as it was a chance to deepen my knowledge of driving whilst also having a very enjoyable time. This friendly attitude definitely helped me feel a lot more comfortable whilst driving, especially during the more difficult areas in the areas we were practicing in, such as multi-lane roundabouts.

As the lessons progressed, I started to become more confident in the harder driving procedures, especially all of the required manoeuvres, which Gina helped me to master in an efficient time frame, as well as answering all my questions on the logistics and practicality of all of them, particularly how they would help me after I had passed. Due to all of these factors, I started on mock driving tests quite quickly, and with Gina’s assistance, I started passing them on a consistent basis after a few failed attempts, with Gina explaining my minor and major faults every single time so that I sufficiently understood how I went wrong, helping me correct myself in the next mock test. As my actual driving test approached, Gina managed to give me a lot more lessons in a short period of time in preparation, and I believe this is a large part of why I managed to pass first time with only four minors, and I now have that freedom that I desperately wanted and needed.

I would highly recommend Gina to anyone learning to drive, whether they have just turned 17 or they have put off learning to drive for a large portion of their life. She is a wonderful, friendly, charismatic person, who’s knowledge and attitude helps learners to quickly understand how to drive. I don’t think I could have passed without her guidance and support helping me all the way through.


My experience learning to drive with Gina has been absolutely wonderful. Not only were her lessons efficient and worthwhile, but they made me feel safe when finding my way. We started off with the basics, making sure I knew how to control the car, when to check my mirrors and how to pull away. At a good pace we started to move on to more challenging aspects of driving like roundabouts and country roads. Then before I knew it I was in Crawley doing roundabouts that included the Pease Pottage  roundabout and Hazelwick and Tushmore roundabouts. These terrified me at first as they required me to be quick on my feet but with Gina’s guidance I managed to keep calm and focus. I never would have thought that I could pass my driving test first time, it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t have done it without the help from my amazing teacher. Thank you Gina for giving me such a great experience, hope to see you on the roads! 🚗🥳

Rosie - July 2022


I have just passed with Gina in Crawley test Centre, all I can say is she was amazing 🙂 she helped, supported and taught me so much as-well as making the lessons fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor and recommend her for people wanting to learn to drive and I don’t know what I would have done without her.
Thank you so much Gina x


I started learning with Gina in the summer last year after getting back from uni. Despite two lockdowns and COVID restrictions I passed in September this year at Crawley with 2 minors.
Prior to learning with Gina, I hadn’t had lessons in three years and I found driving really stressful. This changed when I had lessons with Gina. She was amazingly patient and calm and took time to explain things to me when I didn’t understand. I always felt comfortable asking questions and double-checking things.
Gina is extremely knowledgeable and keeps up to date with important information which was so helpful especially in the lead up to tests. Lessons were always really well thought through and I made progress and faced challenges at a pace that worked for me.
Now I love driving and I feel really prepared and safe when I’m on the road. I recommend Gina to anyone she is a brilliant instructor- I can’t thank her enough for her support!

Phoebe Testimonial - Oct 2021
Maisie - Testimonial March 2021


You were an amazing instructor, very patient and very easy to talk to. I always felt safe and looked forward to my lessons with you. You really did make driving seem easy and I felt well prepared to drive alone after my test. I still can’t believe how well I did with
only 4 minors from the Crawley test center. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Many thanks for everything,
Maisie 🙂


I started learning with Gina during the end of lockdown. Throughout our three months together, Gina helped me pass my test in Crawley with just one minor. Gina is so patient and calm when teaching you. On our first lesson, straight away I felt extremely comfortable. Her teaching is definitely one of a kind.

Before I started my lessons, I was anxious about wasting time and just driving. Gina keeps you up-to-date with useful information and is constantly giving you tips and different scenarios which could come up. This was especially helpful for me, and was extremely reassuring.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better instructor who tailored all her teaching to my needs and was extremely flexible. I can’t thank Gina enough, I will miss our weekly lessons!

Dom - Testimonial 2021
Archie - Testimonial 2021


I had a couple of hours at Dunsfold before I turned 17 with Gina, which was a great introduction to driving away from busy roads. As soon as I turned 17 I started lessons on the road. Straight away Gina’s patient and calm approach made me feel comfortable and I always found her lessons really enjoyable. Gina’s instructions were always super clear and she always had helpful tips especially for coping with the tricky roundabouts in Crawley. The mock tests were so helpful in the lead up to my actual test. I passed first time in Crawley with just 2 minors. I would recommend Gina to anyone as she is such an amazing instructor. Thank you so much Gina!


So my names Olivia and I had Gina as my driving instructor for 18 months. For a big chunk of that I couldn’t drive due to COVID however as soon as we were allowed lessons again Gina really helped me to become familiar again with driving and without her drive and persistence for me to pass I wouldn’t have so I owe that all to her. Driving was always a daunting task for me because of my anxiety that I have had for several years now however she really made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire 18 months and now driving is something I look forward to everyday!
I would highly recommend Gina Baillie for anyone who wants to learn to drive because, yes she’ll help you get there but she does it with patience, care and faith which in my opinion is one of the most important attributes to have when you start to drive.
I’m so happy I passed and with just 2 minors! Thank you Gina for everything x

Helen Feb 2020
Helen At 45 I didn’t think I would ever get round to driving but after Gina got my son through his driving test only a couple of months after his 17th birthday I thought I’d go for it. From the moment I first got into the car with Gina I felt at ease, she is calm, reassuring and gives very clear instructions. Astonishingly I passed my test first time with only 1 minor after just five lessons, a huge testament to her expertise and guidance. I could not recommend Gina highly enough, she is brilliant instructor and extremely lovely lady.
Abi I began driving when I was 17, however I was never confident in myself as a driver or behind the wheel of a car so I decided to stop my lessons. Years past and I continued to put it off until a friend of mine recommended Gina to me and I decided it was my fresh start. It was the best decision I ever made! I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons and have learned so much from them. Gina calmed me down when me nerves got the better of me and has turned me into a confident and safe driver. I couldn’t recomend her enough to anyone looking for an instructor. I also managed to pass my practical test in Crawley with only 2 minors! Thank you so much Gina for all the hard work and laughs along the way xx
Abi Feb 2020
Freya Feb 2020
Freya As a driving instructor, Gina thrives with motivation, positivity and kindness. From the very start at Dunsfold all the way to my test, Gina has continuously built up my confidence and helped me over come any fears that presented themselves to me on the road and therefore enabled me to pass my test with 2 small minors. I couldn’t recommend Gina enough and she is truly an inspiration to learning to drive with and life itself. Throughout the entire time of learning to drive, Gina and I built up an unbreakable connection of team work and through the thick and thin times she has never failed to have faith in me and have and always will believe in me. From the very start of driving I wanted to make Gina proud and she is not only the best driving instructor, but a friend that I will have for life. Thank you for all the skills and tips you have given me, not only on the road but in life in general and words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Although time has flown by I will never forget our sometimes dramatic lessons and by the end you would always turn my frown upside down. To anyone who is looking into driving lessons, Gina is the one and only, better than the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience and unforgettable journey that I will cherish for a lifetime!! Lots of love, Freya xxx


The very thought of learning a new skill, especially driving, at 40 was challenging but necessary for me. I was dependent on my lovely husband and kind friends to drop my children off for various clubs. I lacked confidence and road awareness until I started driving lessons with Gina. Gina is extremely patient, encouraging and approachable. she quickly picked out my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to improve them, so I could become a safe and good driver. The lessons are structured to make one a good driver and prepare for the test gradually.This approach enabled me to pass the test the first time from Crawley test centre. Now I have a new found freedom to take myself places. I will always be grateful to Gina and would recommend her to anyone of any age.

Pradhma Feb 2020


I started learning to drive with Gina after a recommendation from a friend, and have had a great experience learning with her. She is lovely and so calm and reassuring, especially when it was coming up for my test, I was so nervous but she made sure I was comfortable and ready. She not only wants you to pass the test but wants to make sure you are confident and feel safe driving independently, and I have definitely achieved this.

I would absolutely recommend Gina to any learner drivers. Thank you Gina! X


My first lesson I had with Gina was at the Dunsfold track just become 17th birthday in March 2018. I had my first lesson on the road a few weeks later, and from that moment, I knew I had chosen the right driving instructor. I was super nervous to start driving, but Gina’s calmness helped massively, and of course taught me everything I know today. I felt at ease with Gina, and so comfortable having my lessons, which I looked forward to every week. Gina continued to push me to do my best, and I managed to pass my practical test first time in Crawley with zero driving faults.
I will recommend Gina to anyone looking to start their driving lessons. Her patience and kindness is one of a kind, and I will really miss Gina and our chats. Thank you very much Gina for helping me to get freedom x


I had my first lesson with Gina at Dunsfold for a few hours just after I turned 17, which really helped to introduce me into driving, especially getting to know the basics with no cars around.
After that, with all of the lessons on the roads, Gina helped to gradually build it up in difficulty, yet me still being comfortable enough to ask any questions I needed along the way. She would pick me up around the corner from my house and we would drive for an hour and a half every week which originally I thought was going to be a chore, but it turned out to be very enjoyable right from the beginning, and I looked forward to it every week. She was completely understanding and calming to any worries I may have had before both the theory and the practical tests, as well as getting me used to driving independently as well.
Gina continued to be a fantastic instructor and supported me throughout my time learning to drive, and after months of lessons, I managed to pass first time in Crawley which I am very happy with.
Without a doubt I recommend her to anyone thinking of learning to drive. X


I started driving as soon as I turned 17 and went to dunsfold at the beginning of February for my first lesson. I then had regular lessons on the road and was able to learn at my own speed. I found a love for driving straight away and continued to gain confidence. I always felt safe when driving with Gina and never felt out of place or that I couldn’t do it. Gina was always calm when teaching me to drive and never got annoyed if I made a mistake. She always taught me how to learn from any mistakes and was very flexible with lessons to fit my college schedule. Gina was an amazing teacher and I learnt how to be a safe and confident driver. I also learnt very quickly and got many opportunities to decide what I wanted to learn during that lesson so that it was enjoyable and productive. I have loved learning to drive with Gina and couldn’t have done it without her patience and amazing techniques. Before I took my test I did mock tests and Gina ensured that I covered as many scenarios as I could before hand.
I passed my driving test first time in September with 3 minors and I am so grateful that I had Gina there all the way. I am so thankful for having Gina as my instructor and can’t wait to see you on the road!
Rachel xx



I started learning with Gina in February. My first lesson was at Dunsfold which was really exciting, this is where I learnt the basics as it was the first time I had sat in the driving seat. I was really eager to begin, yet also very nervous. However, I instantly felt at ease with Gina and always looked forward to my weekly driving lessons. I knew I was in excellent hands and never felt unsafe! Gina was always patient with me, taking things at my own pace, whilst still challenging my ability. Furthermore, as it got closer to my test date, Gina kindly put more hours in for me, making me more confident of my ability which I feel really paid off on the day.
Gina has been a more than amazing teacher, without her there is no way I would have passed my practical test first time. Honestly, both me and my parents are so thankful for your time and effort and we would highly recommend Gina as a driving instructor without reservation.
Thank you so much Gina!


I loved learning to drive and this love for driving has continued to this day. The thought of independence and freedom made me want to work hard to smash this goal.
I had initially lessons at Dunsfold then started on the road from my 17th Birthday. I passed my theory test on my first attempt with 49/50 and my practical test with just 2 minors. So happy with this result. I can’t thank you enough. You made me see complex roundabouts as a challenge and your attention to detail rubbed off on me.
You made me believe in myself. Thank you for fitting lessons in around my A levels and working with my college timetable. I drive as much as possible now when I’m back from Uni.
I recommend you to all my friends and anyone wanting to learn to drive.
You’re the best! xx



I started off with an under 17s driving course which I found really useful to get used to changing gears. When I go onto the road Gina was always calm and never shouted at me once. Running up to my test she made sure I was fully prepared, she even got me to pass first time in the snow!
Thank you so much.


Gina has been an amazing instructor, even before I started driving as she helped find a time slot for driving around my college timetable and other activities. We started with a 2 hour session at Dunsfold Track which meant that by the time I was on the roads, I was already comfortable operating a car. The learning process seemed very personalized as Gina would remember what I was weaker at and ensured we spent more time focusing on those. With just under 30 hours of lessons and no driving outside of lessons (except for a couple of drives around car parks) I managed to pass first time with no minors!
I owe it all to Gina and her fabulous teaching. Thank you so much!



I started learning to drive when I was 17 with a practise experience at Dunsfold race course before I started on the roads. Before my first time sitting in the driver’s seat I was incredibly nervous and was worried I would never quite get the hang of driving. After my experience at Dunsfold I was put at ease and realised it really wasn’t as hard as I thought! With Gina’s helpful teaching methods I was able to quickly grasp driving skills and road knowledge. This led me to pass my theory test first time and also my driving test first time at Crawley. I would like to thank Gina for everything and would strongly recommend her as an instructor.


At first I was a little reluctant in beginning to learn how to drive, however after my first lesson it was always something I would look forward to. I began driving at 17 and was extremely nervous before my first lesson having previously taken no interest in cars and not knowing the simple details, such as which pedal was the accelerator and which was the brake but Gina was extremely friendly, helpful and always very patient even when having to go over a routine multiple times until I felt comfortable. I passed with just three minors and am thankful for everything Gina taught me – not just how to pass a test but how to drive safely on the roads.



Before I turned 17 I had a 2 hour driving lesson at Dunsfold which built up my confidence a lot, because I was able to learn the basics before going on the road! I was quite nervous about the idea of driving but Gina’s calm
‘[and patient approach made my experience a lot more enjoyable. I would always look forward to my weekly lesson as I knew we would always go somewhere exciting and I would be able to learn something new. Without Gina’s help I wouldn’t have been able to pass first time with only 1 minor, in Crawley which felt like a dream come true!!! I would highly recommend Gina to anyone. Thank you very much – Emily xx


I started learning to drive with Gina just after my 17th birthday, and I was extremely eager and excited to get started! I remember my first lesson very well with Gina; she explained brilliantly how the process was going to work and I had a great first time experience of driving a car! My confidence has been a massive barrier for me when learning to drive but Gina has been amazing at helping me feel more confident on the road with her simple, clear instructions and patience. I was then able to take my test on the 3rd of August with many tears throughout the test due to nerves. I was so thrilled to pass my test first time with 2 minors!! Despite my tears the examiner said it was technically the best drive he has ever seen. It just goes to show however nervous you are if you are prepared you can still pass this test. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone, as I guarantee you couldn’t get a better and nicer driving instructor! Thank you for everything Gina! See you on the roads!



Once I’d turned 17, I was really keen to start learning to drive as soon as possible! I’d highly recommend starting out at Dunsfold. In the space of 2 hours we covered so much and I was confident enough to drive around the track independently. Gina is a brilliant instructor. She explains everything very clearly, and always puts safety at the forefront of learning to drive. I always looked forward to my weekly lesson with Gina, and extra practise during with week allowed me to reinforce what I had learnt in lessons. Six months to the day after my first lesson at Dunsfold, I passed my test first time in Crawley. Now that I have a car of my own, I can drive knowing I’ve been taught how to be a safe driver – not just how to pass the test. Gina, thanks for all your help and support. You’re a star!”


I had my first driving lesson with Gina at Dunsfold to learn the basics, Gina really put me at ease and made me more confident, so going onto driving on the road was that little bit easier. In each lesson I felt like I was progressing onto something new, and there was no pressure from Gina at all. Each week I looked forward to my lesson and loved driving! I was not rushed at any point and I felt I could not have been better prepared for my test, and as a result I managed to pass my test on my 1st attempt in Crawley with no minors!
I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, I would have never got the result I did without you! Thank you so much Gina x



Gina was a wonderful driving instructor and through her careful tuition I was able to pass my test only three months after beginning to drive. Her teaching style was easy to follow and concise while also helping to make progress every lesson. The way of driving taught by Gina is excellent, not only to pass one’s test, but also for driving in general, as her rigorous standards leave one with an impeccable skill set to use on the road. On top of all that Gina was easy to talk to, and her indomitable patience was immensely useful. I would recommend Gina as an instructor to all my friends.’


Gina is proof you very much can teach an old dog new tricks! After taking a few lessons as a teenager and then never taking it forward I found myself in my mid-30s with a house, wife and baby boy but unable to drive. Despite being very nervous before starting to learn again, Gina made me feel at ease as soon as I got back behind the wheel and never looked back. A brilliant teacher, very professional and just a really nice person, I cannot thank or recommend Gina enough. I passed just before my 36th birthday and am already the designated driver and proud of it.’



I was very excited to learn to drive and Gina was the best instructor to learn with. She explained everything thoroughly and was very patient. She’s very kind and lovely! I was very nervous at roundabouts, but Gina took me on a lot of roundabouts to build up my confidence. After having all of Gina’s help I am now fine at roundabouts and passed my test with only 3 minors. Gina’s expertise on the test was very invaluable. She taught me everything that I needed to know to pass the test, and also after passing. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help. Lucy x


Many thanks Gina for all the instruction, help and guidance that you have provided to Felicity over the last few months. I really feel that Felicity is now the most proficient driver in the family even though the newest. In fact my father, who is always a stern critic of family members, commented after a practice drive through Crawley that he felt completely safe throughout and she drove like some with many years’ experience.

Testimonial from Olivia


From the very first lesson with Gina I felt comfortable enough to ask any questions I had, however silly I might have thought they sounded in my head! She truly adapts to the needs of each individual and her friendly personality really makes you feel at ease. I felt any time I was struggling or making mistakes she would take the time to clearly explain things and I always felt encouraged rather than stressed. I looked forward to every lesson as she made learning to drive so enjoyable and I started to gain more and more confidence. If it hadn’t been for how calm and reassuring she was leading up to the test I really don’t know if I would have ever felt ready! I passed first time in Crawley in April 2017 and owe it all to you Gina, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! I could not recommend her more highly to anyone wanting to learn to drive, I really got lucky to find such a lovely teacher ???? x


The first time I drove in Gina’s car was back in July 2015. I started off at Dunsfold race track, where I had two two hour-driving lessons learning all of the controls before I started to drive on the main roads. This was really good because I was able to think about just the controls rather than the worry of other road users. So when I got onto the road I was ready to begin learning the real life of a car driver. Gina was really kind and calm when I was driving as she always managed to calm me down when I made a mistake, rather than me getting annoyed because I felt as though I was holding up all of Horsham with my stallings!! But after 40 hours of driving I had learnt all I needed to learn to be a safe driver. And with that I got through my test first time with four minors. And all I can say now is a big ‘thank you’ for everything. See you on the road Gina.

Testimonial from George
Testimonial from Abby


Gina is an amazing driving instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone!
I had my first lesson at Dunsfold just before turning 17. Gina picked up my friend and I and drove us both to Dunsfold where we each had a 2 hour lesson. It was brilliant to be able to learn the basics without too many other cars to worry about, Gina was so friendly and calm that I quickly felt less nervous and more confident. Gina continued to be a fantastic teacher throughout all my lessons on the road and I passed my test on my first attempt at 8am in Crawley with just 4 minors which I was so happy with.
Thank you so much Gina!! xx


Throughout these past months, Gina has been such an amazing teacher by helping me learn to drive. She was always so calm and patient throughout and helped improve my confidence in every lesson. I was very eager to learn but have very long school hours so was worried I would not be able to have enough lessons, however Gina was amazing as she always managed to fit me in wherever possible and was very supportive with my commitments. Driving never seemed like a chore and there was never any pressure put on me during lessons. I always looked forward to the lessons as I knew I would be one step closer to passing as well as having a good chat! After passing, I now feel very confident to get in my car on my own as Gina has covered every possible situation with me that may come up, so I feel fully prepared for anything. I cannot thank you enough Gina for everything you have done! Max x

Testimonial from Max
Testimonial from Charlie


Gina has been a wonderful instructor for me and got me through my test first time. Gina made everything very simple and easy and it was great having the original lesson at Dunsfold. I had Gina teaching me once a week for about four months and I can’t thank her enough for her laid back approach, yet could be serious when it was needed. Gina has made me a very confident and safe driver and this is all down to her amazing teaching. I always looked forward to my Friday lesson as there was always something new to learn and gaining in confidence week after week. I can’t thank Gina enough the great tuition that she delivered every time we sat in the car. My family members say that my driving is very good and that all comes back to Gina’s teaching. Thanks Gina


Thank you so much for all your effort, help and support to get me to this point. I still cannot believe I am now a qualified driver and passed in Crawley rush hour with only 2 minors – all thanks to your incredible teaching. I have looked forward to my lessons with you each week and enjoyed every one. The sessions at Dunsfold really helped me to gain confidence in the car at the start and at every stage you have stretched my ability yet in an environment where I felt totally secure. I’m so pleased I came to you. And of course so is my dad! As you know he was very particular with who he chose to teach me to drive! He didn’t just want me to gain a driving licence, he wanted me to learn how to be a safe and competent newly qualified driver and I think the result on Friday proves you have given me that essential life skill. I cannot thank you enough. And of course we plan to ask you to teach my brother as soon as he turns 17.
Best wishes for the future
Rebecca Xx

Feedback from Rebecca’s father, James:
I was so pleased to see how happy Rebecca was to achieve that excellent result through your tuition on Friday. Knowing she came through the stiff test of rush hour driving with such a good result, earning positive comments from the examiner as well, has left me very comfortable that you have made Rebecca into a safe and competent newly qualified driver, not just somebody who has passed her Driving Test. In my view, it isn’t about passing the Driving Test per se; gaining proper ‘Roadcraft’ goes far beyond that. At the outset, I was eager to ensure that Rebecca benefitted from thorough and professional driver education to provide a solid foundation for her future driving and naturally spoke with a number of your competitors before making my selection and requesting that you provide her training. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and in our decision to come to you. Sadly, today’s roads are a constant reminder that far too many people underestimate the importance of gaining proper driving skills and maintaining them but, thanks to you and provided she continues to develop, I am satisfied that Rebecca will not be joining their number.

Congratulations Tomas 1st attempt on theory passed with 50/50. 1st attempt practical – zero minors. Outstanding achievement!

Testimonial from RebeccaB
Testimonial from RobbieB


The first time I sat in the drivers seat of a car was at Dunsfold race track just before my 17th birthday. I was excited but nervous and I had to ask which pedal was which, safe to say I had no idea what I was doing. To think that I passed my test and have now been safely on the road for 5 months, just over a year after my first lesson is insane. But I never could have done this without the calm patient guidance of Gina. You only get to learn to drive once and I enjoyed every minute of my experience and would thoroughly recommend Gina to anyone thinking about starting to drive.


Gina has been the most amazing driving instructor and helped me in every way possible in order to get me through my driving test. My very first lesson with Gina was at Dunsfold which gave me a lot more confidence before driving on the road. I was very nervous about driving but Gina helped me throughout to overcome my nerves and helped me to pass my test in Crawley with only three minors! I am so pleased I have passed and cannot wait to get on the road. It has been so lovely having driving lessons with Gina, I will definitely miss our weekly meetings. Thank you so much Gina!! I could not have done it without your help, Amy xx

Testimonial from AmyS
Testimonial from EmmaC


I started learning to drive with Gina in September 2014 at the Dunsfold track. I was excited to learn to drive but also very nervous, since I had put it off for almost a year. I could not have had a more calm, friendly and understanding instructor as Gina! Adapting to the needs of each individual, Gina never lost her patience and always kept her polite and easy going manner. It was great to be able to learn so much in each lesson, be safe and have a fun at the same time. I feel much more confident on the road now thanks to Gina. She always pointed out how much progress I had made, something which helped me to feel capable and ready to take my test, which I managed to pass with only 4 minors. I am going to miss our lessons together; she is a truly lovely person and an amazing instructor. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Gina!


I started learning to drive with Gina, by having a 2 hour lesson at the Dunsfold track just before my 17th birthday which gave me a lot of confidence before going onto the road. Not long after that I had my first lesson on the road, I was so nervous but with Gina s support and guidance it wasn t so bad after all. Gina is always so calm which makes you feel relaxed, which makes things so much easier. She will always go out her way to do all she can to help you pass first time. Which I did with only 3 minors! I will really miss the lessons that we had together, Gina you are an amazing driving instructor! I would never have thought I would pass first time in a million years, I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you have put into my driving!!

Testimonial from LucyA
Testimonial from RyanS


I started driving with Gina a few weeks before my 17th birthday at Dunsfold which was great, as it gave me confidence for my first lesson on the road which came on my 17th birthday.
Gina never once raised her voice and always made me feel at ease when in the car with her. After learning for just under a year I was ready to book my test which came around very quickly. I felt fully prepared for the test with Gina which allowed me to pass first time with only 3 minors.
I always looked forward to my lessons with Gina and cannot thank her enough for all her hard work teaching me. Not only is she a brilliant teacher but is a genuinely lovely person and great at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive x


I started learning to drive in November 2014. At the start I was sooo nervous as I had no clue what I was doing but Gina was so calm and comforting it made things feel so easy and natural. I started learning to drive the same time as my Mum did; we passed our theory tests first time at exactly the same time and now we have both passed our driving tests on our first attempt with exactly the same number of minors. I was super happy to pass as I took my test the day before my 18th birthday so it just topped everything off for me! I thought I would feel so nervous for the test but Gina had confidence in me so I knew I could do it, I just had to focus. She is an amazing instructor! If me and my mum can do it together, anyone can. Thank you so much Gina for everything you have done for me and my mum! I’m definitely going to miss you! xx

Testimonial from ArayaR
Testimonial from LouR


Wow!! I can’t believe I have passed first time. Freedom at 40! From the very first time I got in the car with Gina I felt at ease. She talked me through everything until I understood and was comfortable to move on to the next thing. I was very nervous and had little faith in myself but Gina always had faith in me. The days leading up to the test Gina gave me her time and again her patience and faith. I had Gina in the car with me for my test and knowing she was there helped a great deal. She taught me everything to pass and beyond passing. I was so nervous but we did it! Thank you Gina I will miss you loads. xx


I started my driving experience with Gina the day before my 17th birthday at Dunsfold Aerodrome on the 6th of December 2014. This was the first time that I had driven a car so it was a nerve-racking experience! Especially when some of our driving included simulated swerving at speed and driving with my eyes closed! Of course this was all in a safe and controlled environment, with Gina ready at hand with her dual control but it just showed how the slightest of distraction or uncontrollable speed can land you in a sticky situation! I found this day extremely fun and a real confidence boost before I was unleashed onto the real roads. In total I was with Gina for five months. I found Gina en excellent teacher who really gave me confidence (without being big headed). I found it really helpful how we progressed at the speed at which I was comfortable at and that we went through every subject and manoeuvre thoroughly until I was happy. I passed my driving test, first time in Crawley with only 3 minors, on the 28th of April 2015. Thank you very much Gina for helping me achieve my freedom! I will look forward to meeting up again for my pass plus motorway experience.

Testimonial from MeganK
Testimonial from AlexH


I took my first driving lesson just weeks after turing 17 at Dunsfold – Straight away I was hooked. Gina wasted no time in teaching me and by the end of my first lesson I was driving! I always felt so comfortable in the car with Gina, she never once raised her voice (even after stalling in some pretty precarious places) and after a few months of lessons I was ready to start thinking about my test. Before I knew it I was sitting at the test centre, examiner to my left, ready to set off. Not only did I manage to pass first time, but with 1 minor! I was over the moon! I honestly can’t thank Gina enough for helping me become the safe driver that I am today. Every lesson was a pleasure – I really couldn’t ask for a better instructor. Thank you so so much, its no surprise you have such an excellent reputation, truly outstanding x


I started learning to drive with Gina at the end of 2014. I had a couple of lessons at Dunsfold which I absolutely loved! I can’t say thanks enough for everything Gina’s done, I love driving so incredibly much and I can now drive safely (keeping my mums mind at ease) I had booked my test for the end of May but I made such good progress we made the decision to move it forwards. My test went exceptionally well. It was amazing, especially considering I passed first time in Crawley with only 1 minor!! I cannot thank Gina enough, and will miss our weekly lessons & morning chats! Thank you Gina for everything.

Testimonial from ShannonH
Testimonial from BeckyJ


I started my driving lessons at Dunsfold with Gina when I was 16. I found this a really useful experience as it helped me to get to grips with the basic controls without the worry of other cars or hazards. This gave me the confidence that I needed to be able to cope with starting to drive on the road in my other lessons. Whilst driving I progressed well but often panicked however Gina was very reassuring, positive and patient. I learned everything I needed to from Gina as she teaches in a way that is easy to understand and I feel this was the reason as to how I managed to pass my test first time in Crawley. She not only helped me pass my test however she has given me the confidence and the ability to drive independently and confidently since I have passed. I honestly don’t think I would have passed first time without all of your help and fantastic way of teaching! Thanks Gina ?? x


I first started learning to drive when I was 17, however later giving up the hope of ever being able to drive with my previous instructor. I then started a fresh with Gina, it was honestly the best thing i ever did, She was not only confident in me, but also lovely, patient and a calming instructor i could learn with. I really enjoyed the way Gina taught me, not only for the test but for skills of driving after passing, with which my confidence blossomed. Gina turned my dreads about not only certain manoeuvres but also general driving into actually thinking ‘ah thats easy to do’. I passed with ease in Crawley with only five minors! I could not be any happier and its all thanks to Gina. 🙂 thanks again! Amy x

Testimonial from AmyB
Testimonial from BexW


For a girl who loves Motorsport, and having never sat in the drivers seat of a car before, the thought of learning to drive brought mixed emotions. The first couple of lessons I chose to have off road at Dunsfold with Gina. This enabled me to grab the basics of the car and get used to being behind the wheel without worrying and panicking about any traffic around me. After hearing multiple stories of “horror instructors” I was unsure as how my experience would be. I can honestly say that Gina is the nicest instructor ever. No matter how many mistakes you make, how many doubts you have, she puts you right at ease through all your lessons, outside your lessons and on the day of your test she is purely there for you. Looking back at my first lesson it seems like so long ago and being told that I would be driving in that very first one was something I couldn’t believe! The standard of teaching Gina provides makes sure you are confident and ready to be on the road long after your test. She won’t let you do anything you aren’t comfortable with and she knows when you are ready to progress on further and ultimately when to take your test. With the help of Gina I passed my theory test first time and my practical first time in Crawley in the morning rush hour. I wouldn’t have had any other instructor to teach me. It was an amazing experience. Thank you Gina!


My first lesson with Gina was at Dunsfold whilst I was still 16, this gave me a keen interest into learning to drive as soon as possible. Later on, just after my 17th birthday was when I started to learn to drive properly and take to the road. With Gina I learned all the necessary skills in order to pass my driving test, which I managed to do first time, as well as giving me the confidence to pull off manoeuvres such as the parallel park and the left reverse with ease. It was immediately apparent that my strengths were with speed and control of the car at high speeds, but with Gina’s aid I am now able to also keep the car controlled at slow speeds making me a much safer driver. Overall I don’t believe that I would have been able to pass first time without Gina’s help.

Testimonial from WillL
Testimonial from LauraP


I first started driving with Gina at 16 where I practised at Dunsfold. I learnt how to control the car and the basics of gears, which prepared me for the road. Gina took me through driving at my own speed teaching me the different skills that are not only essentials for passing the test but also life skills needed for driving. She also went out of her way helping me prepare for my theory, recommending different books and also the DVD for the hazard perception test. Due to this I was able to pass both my theory and practical tests first time & my practical with just 1 minor. Gina’s been fantastic with me and I couldn’t recommend anyone else more highly. Thank you Gina!


I switched driving instructor in the beginning of learning and I’m so glad I did. I had such a great experience with Gina and she made every lesson enjoyable and I learnt so much. She’s very calm to learn with and I cannot fault her. I am very grateful to her for teaching me and I managed to pass with only 4 minors! Thank you so much for all your help, I now feel able to cope in any driving situation anywhere confidently! thanks once again for all your help, you’ve been fantastic! Tam 🙂

Testimonial from TamaraA
Testimonial from NickB


I passed my driving test on my first attempt in Crawley after four months of turning 17.I had an excellent test & the examiner gave complimentary feedback. I was 17 in June so one of the youngest in my group of friends. I had a lot of lessons at 16 at Dunsfold before starting on the road to give me a head start. I learnt how to control a car at high & low speeds, all manoeuvres, junctions, roundabouts & the emergency stop. I gained enough confidence & couldn’t wait to drive on the road. My first lesson on the road was on my Birthday. I had as many lessons as I could fit in. I never missed a lesson & regularly practised. Leaning to drive is not easy as the standard to pass is very high but through hard work the benefits are huge. I went out for my first solo drive the day I passed & drove on the motorway. My advise would be to find the best instructor you can, work hard, have regular lessons & practice a lot. I did! Thank you.


As someone who actually had a fear of driving, I was terrified of the concept of learning to drive, especially at such a young age! But I started learning to drive with Gina almost immediately after my 17th birthday, and it’s one of the best things I have ever done! I had a lesson at Dunsfold before getting on the road to build-up my confidence in the car, and straight away I felt comfortable with the way she taught me to drive. She was so calming, encouraging & supportive in her teaching, using methods that are easy to understand and can be adapted to each individual & the way they learn. The lessons progressed at a comfortable speed which suited me, and Gina would always make sure I was happy before moving on to learn something new. She was very patient, which is what I was looking for in an instructor, and she gave me the confidence I needed to learn to drive. Her constant reassurance and high quality teaching led me to pass my test first time in Crawley with just 4 minors. She has taught me to not only pass a driving test, but safe driving skills for life and I can’t thank Gina enough for helping me. Thanks to Gina I really enjoyed learning to drive, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! 🙂 x

Testimonial from LaurenV
Testimonial from ConorB


I began my driving lessons with Gina soon after my 17th birthday. My first lesson was at Dunsfold, which was great as it gave me confidence to then drive on the roads. Throughout my time learning I had constant support through calm and helpful tuition, I never felt pressurised or stressed whilst driving. When it came to my theory test Gina helped me to find all the necessary revision books to help me pass. Gina didn’t just teach me what I needed to pass the test, but I also gained all the skills I will need in any driving situation. I passed my practical test first time in Crawley. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone, a great driving instructor!


I remember having my first lesson with Gina at Dunsfold where I felt so nervous to stall the car, but surprisingly that never happened much. Gina is such a calm instructor who always approached me with a very soft tone so I never felt nervous when I drove and instead I felt very relaxed. My first time on the main roads was quite different but I got the hang of having other drivers around me very quickly and practised all the junctions in a specific quiet part of Horsham. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gina and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I now know I’ll be safe of the roads and I feel confident due to the fact I was taught correctly and I only passed my Test when I was ready. Thanks to Gina I had an excellent test in Crawley & passed with only 1 minor.

Testimonial from Brenda
Testimonial from RosieB


Gina is a great instructor! She was patient and very thorough with ensuring I could manage all the manoeuvres and drive competently. My parents gave me extra practice whilst learning and were impressed by all that I had been taught in my lessons. The record card of my progress helped them to see what I needed to practise in order to improve further. I recently passed my driving test first time with just one minor and some lovely comments from the examiner, which I could never have done without Gina’s help and support. Since passing my test I know that, as well as learning all the requirements for the test, Gina also prepared me for driving independently and knowing how to cope with different situations. Thank you Gina!


When I began to drive at 17, Gina was not my first instructor – but I really wish she was. After an unpleasant experience with a previous instructor, I was reluctant to learn to drive again, but Gina`s patient, friendly and professional attitude quickly helped me regain my confidence again. Before Gina, I could not imagine passing my test at all; thanks to Gina, I passed my test first time with only 3 minors. She pressed the importance of safe driving always, and not just to `pass the test`. She took the time to understand how I learnt best and adapted her teaching to suit this. She even went to the effort of writing out step-by-step instructions for me to study between lessons! To me, this proves that she is an instructor who cares for her pupils and ensures that they will be lifelong safe drivers, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to learn to drive with Gina.

Testimonial from AmanS
Testimonial from MattW

Testimonial from Matt’s mother, Jane:

By the time we decided it would be a good idea that my son Matthew learn to drive it was January & he was going to start university in September. I asked Gina’s advice & though she thought it was a bit tight on time she said it could be done……..& it was. He passed 1st time with her patience & excellent teaching skills. He never missed a lesson & looked forward to them each week. Gina also gave me the confidence to go out driving with him reassuring me that he was ready. I was amazed at how competent he was so quickly & if I had any questions Gina always answered them promptly allaying any concerns that I had. I cannot recommend Gina highly enough she is a lovely friendly approachable lady & anyone thinking of choosing her will not be disappointed.


When I turned 17 I was very keen to learn to drive and my friend recommended Gina to me. I had my first lesson at Dunsfold where Gina went through all the basics with me so I was prepared when she took me out on the road for the first time. Gina took me through everything at my own pace and took the time to make sure I was confident with every aspect of driving, not just to pass the test but also so I had all the right skills to use for the rest of my life. I passed my test first time with 4 minors, something I am very proud of and something I could not have done without the support of Gina. Thank you so much Gina for everything, I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Testimonial from EmilyH
Testimonial from MadieE


From my first lesson, I have found learning to drive with Gina exciting. Reaching 5th gear at Dunsfold before progressing to the roads is such a confidence boost. When learning on the roads, Gina is always reassuring, calm and very good at explaining things that you don’t completely understand the first time. I felt confident that I was learning to drive in the best way that would enable me to become a safe driver. I’d like to thank Gina again for helping me to pass my test with Zero minors and for her constant encouragement. I am certain that I couldn’t have done this well without her excellent teaching. x


When I turned 17 I was not interested at all in learning to drive, how ever after a few months I decided I should at least give it a go. My friend recommended Gina and said how she was very calm and very patient as an instructor. She started by taking me to Dunsfold Aerodrome to build my confidence in driving without the added pressure of other cars. I found this experience really useful as it helped me to progress to driving on roads and showed me just how good an instructor Gina really was. When we started driving on roads Gina was constantly encouraging, patient and very reassuring whenever I felt worried or anxious. I soon began to enjoy driving and amazingly passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors! I certainly could not have done this without Gina and so I am very grateful for all her hard work and the time she spent with me.

Testimonial from Rachel
Testimonial from Beth


I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Gina. Each week I looked forward to my driving lesson and I always felt I progressed from the start to the end of the lesson. Gina explained things well and was happy to answer any questions I had. I found deciding when to go at roundabouts difficult initially, but Gina encouraged me to see them as a challenge and after practice my confidence and judgement improved. When I passed my driving test I was delighted and since then I have really enjoyed the freedom being able to drive has given me. Gina’s lessons were not just about passing the test but learning a skill that I would need for my whole life and because of this I feel safe and confident on the roads. Gina was an excellent driving instructor and I cannot recommend her more highly.


I’d just like to thank Gina Baillie for being such an amazing driving Instructor! She is such a calm and patient teacher who helps you keep calm when your learning something your dreading! I passed first time (on Patricks 18th birthday as a surprise for him!) I couldn’t have done it with any other instructor. Gina made sure I had learnt everything properly to a standard where I could do it as second nature. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone!

Testimonial from LouiseM
Testimonial from AnnabelleS


I am so thrilled to finally be able to say that I have passed my driving test! Not only that but I have enjoyed every lesson leading up to this mile stone. At the beginning I felt clueless and never imagined I would be good enough to reach test standard. Luckily for me, Gina is very patient and knows how to teach safety for life, not just how to complete a test. As a result I only received a few minors and feel confident and excited about going on the open roads all by myself – even if it is only down to Tescos (because I know that I will be able to do it well). Thank you Gina for putting up with me!


I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gina. I was nervous to begin with but Gina’s calm approach quickly built up my confidence and abilities. My first 2 lessons at Dunsfold seems like such a long time ago and looking back, I can’t believe how worried I was about getting into the driving seat. I would always recommend Gina to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor in this area. My friend is just about to start her lessons with Gina. Thank you so much Gina for all your words of encouragement. I will try not to take on any bad habits, now that I am going Solo!!

Testimonial from kayleigh
Testimonial from RyanV


When I stared driving at 17 I had like 6 lessons at Dunsfold track as I could not push myself to go on the road straight away. Then I got the confidence to go on the roads. We started on the nursery roads where it was quiet and I was only on there for about five minutes. Then I went onto the main busier roads and that’s where it all started. I had the best time learning with Gina and I appreciate everything you have done. It’s been so much fun going to Brighton and I hope I did you proud by only getting 3 minors in my test when I passed 1st time! haha Thank you for being there and helping me when it got tough so thank you so much and I would recommend Gina to anyone who is wanting to learn how to drive.


After finishing University, I was keen to start driving so I called Gina and she was really helpful with booking in time to teach me. I was nervous to start driving but I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Gina. Thanks to her patience, encouragement and great teaching ability, I increased in confidence when driving and was able to learn key skills very quickly. I truly feel that Gina has given me the tools I need to be a safe driver for life and I want to thank her for all the hard work and persistence she has put in with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Testimonial from AprilL
Testimonial from LucyH


I came to Gina in the last two months before my test and despite the impending doom of my test date she always went out of her way to make sure I had enough lessons to make me feel ready and confident in all areas. She was always patient and understanding despite my many mistakes and always reassured me when I had gone wrong. Whenever I had an issue she always took the time to work through it and was always prepared to answer any questions I might have. I really appreciate everything that she has done for me. Not only did she help me to pass my test but she has helped me to gain the confidence I needed to enjoy driving. Although I’ve passed my test I will miss my lessons and I definitely recommend her for anybody who is thinking about learning to drive. Thank you so much Gina!


I started learning with Gina when I turned 17 and could not have been more happy with the way she taught me to drive. She has great methods to help you remember when to check your mirrors and how to pull off safely etc. and I felt the lessons progressed at a speed that I was completely comfortable with which was really good. Also when i found an area i struggled with she was really persistent in helping me learn how to do it which was brilliant. I honestly can’t thank Gina enough for everything she has taught me in all my lessons which led me to pass my test with 3 minors and I feel that I am now confident enough to go out there and drive by myself and it’s all thanks to her amazing teaching. I honestly will miss my lessons with Gina as I did really enjoy them. Thank you!

Testimonial from TomB
Testimonial from LewisP


I would recommend Gina to anyone that is looking for a driving instructor. Learning to drive, perhaps even more now than in the past, is a very difficult thing to do and I had tried a few instructors before coming to Gina. What stood out for me about Gina was her very calm and professional manner! When I got things wrong, or I had difficulties, Gina was always understanding and pointed me in the right direction. She was patient with me when I got frustrated with myself and gave me the confidence to know that I could do it. She was very knowledgeable which made me trust what she had to say. I passed my test first time which I never expected to do!!


“I began driving with Gina before my 17th birthday with a few under 17 sessions at Dunsfold, which proved a great help when I actually got on the road after my 17th birthday in July. Gina proved to be a fantastic teacher, patient and calm at all times no matter the situation. Her constant help and great ability helped me improve my driving quickly and confidently and after just a few months I passed my test first time with just 4 minors. I could never have done this without the high quality level of teaching provided by Gina at all times. When it comes to driving, Gina is the obvious choice to make!

Testimonial from JackS
Testimonial from BenH


When I started driving at 17 I didn’t enjoy it, but when I decided to learn with Gina driving lessons became more fun instead of a chore. I always felt very comfortable and confident in all of my lessons. I cannot thank Gina enough for getting me through my test first time after a difficult start to my driving experience. If I ever had any little problems with my driving she always knew the best way to look at them and help me improve. I would recommend Gina to anyone who is looking at learning to drive. Thanks so much for everything!


Gina has been a fabulous driving instructor and a real inspiration that motivated me to overcome all of my fears that had previously presented themselves to me when I started driving. I could not of wished for a better driving instructor, Gina filled me with the confidence I needed to pass my test. When I first started driving I had lessons which did not end so well, thus not filling me with the confidence I needed to continue. As soon as I met Gina, I instantly knew that with hard work, patience and dedication I would be able to pass my test. All in all the last six or so months have been an absolute pleasure, Gina has accommodated my (somewhat arguably) petty needs and made it her personal mission to ensure I passed my test. I wish you all the best with future pupils, it truly has been a fun journey!

Testimonial from JamesW
Testimonial from MaisieB


Throughout these 4 months of having driving lessons with Gina, my confidence levels have increased so much as you have supported me the whole way through. I would definitely recommend you to anymore looking to learn to drive. I think the best thing was, that you were so patient with me and if i did anything wrong you would never get angry, you would just help me improve. As you know, I had in my head that i would never be able to pass first time, but with you helping me so much and being flexible with fitting lessons in with college, I managed to do it with only 3 minors thanks to you! Not only have you just taught me to drive, you have taught me other life lessons and how to be a safe driver. Even though i am loving every minute of driving, I really miss not having lessons with you! ???? So anyway, I can’t believe how quickly these last 4 months have gone, thank you sooo much for everything, Maisie xx


Words cannot thank you enough for these past eight months. Throughout the whole period you have always supported me and understood. Through the good and the bad you have always had faith in me and never given up. You are not only an instructor, you are a friend; I honestly am going to miss you so so much… Feels like yesterday we were at dunsfold for the first time!!! I cant even find the words to explain how wonderful you are. I am not only proud of myself, I am proud of you. You are doing so well and I would recommend everyone if I could to learn with you! You are amazing, I could not of done this without you. You have taught me so many life lessons, and have helped me more than I could ever thank you! Its amazing how quickly the time has gone, and to know that everyday you are turning peoples lives around is truly beautiful. Anyone who is lucky enough to have you as their instructor should enjoy every moment and treasure it as it will change their lives for the better and time will fly way too quick! Bottom line is, and the point I am trying to make, is thankyou. For everything! Lots of love, em xxx

Testimonial from Emily
Testimonial from Yuris


I was totally blessed in finding Gina Baillie to teach and guide me to passing my driving test. As English is my second language I was not the most confident of students at first but after getting to know Gina I soon learnt to be positive and my confidence soon became stronger then it was only a matter of time to being able to pass my theory then my practical exams. Thank you Gina for being the understanding professional you are. Kind regards Yarisbel


Gina was a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone. To begin with I was nervous about driving but Gina went through the syllabus at my own pace and helped me to gain confidence. She gave clear explanations and made sure that I fully understood everything before moving onto something else. Gina made the lessons enjoyable which helped me to relax and become more confident when driving. She was also very flexible with lesson times which made it easy to fit learning to drive around attending college. I passed first time! Thank you again Gina!

Testimonial from HayleyP
Testimonial from Tom


I originally approached driving with dread however Gina helped me to quickly gain my confidence behind the wheel through learning at my own pace by moving on to a more skilled part of driving when I felt ready. My confidence also dramatically improved through Gina always being patient and calm especially with parts of driving such as the manoeuvres which I found tricky. I passed first time and that would not have been possible without the support and instruction from Gina.


Do not hesitate, I’m very satisfied with friendly and professional service of this instructor. Highly recommend as I passed first time by following her simple driving techniques . great driving tutor A+++ Solihah Ilachan.

Testimonial from Solihah
Testimonial from MattF


I commenced my driving lessons with Gina Baillie in August 2012. Although I was very excited, there was also an element of anxiety about taking the wheel for the first time. However, Gina is a very friendly driving instructor, who always takes the time to explain things clearly in a way that is easy to comprehend, which is very reassuring. I enjoyed my driving lessons with Gina because they were always structured in a way that made learning fun. The lessons were always varied with new manoeuvres and driving techniques being introduced as I progressed. Before moving onto a new stage of driving, Gina always made sure that I was confident with what I had already learnt. Gina was always open to any questions that I had during the lessons and did her utmost to answer them. If she was unable to answer them at the time of questioning, she would do some research and give me an answer and feedback during my next lesson. My mock driving test was held in January, approximately 1 month before my real driving test. From this I was able to identify areas that I needed to improve upon and, with Gina’s help; we worked together on these highlighted areas for the next month. My test on 27th February went extremely well and I managed to reduce the 19 minors and 1 serious that I picked up in my mock test, down to just one minor! I feel that this reflects Gina’s high standard of teaching and portrays her as a very competent driving instructor, who endeavours to teach driving skills for life and not just to pass the test.


I recently passed my test first time with only two minors. Having Gina tutor me for my last couple of months made so much difference, I don’t think I could have done it without her! Thank you! X

Testimonial from KatieB