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Focus on the areas of your driving which need more practice – with Pass Plus!

Pass Plus Courses


Having just completed the Pass Plus course with Gina it has given me lots more confidence in my driving. Gina was able to tailor the course to my abilities and what had been covered in my driving lessons, which meant we could focus on the modules which needed more practice.

Through Gina’s patience, encouragement and support I was able to pass the driving theory test with 50/50 on the multiple choice, and the practical test first time with only 2 minors! Gina never failed to make the lessons enjoyable, challenging and took a genuine interest in my academic studies, social life and future.

The Pass Plus course consisted of six hours of driving covering six modules. My first session was a motorway lesson, which increased my awareness of the extra concentration required for driving at high speeds, as well as the dangers that motorways inevitably pose. Before the second session (a night-time drive), I came prepared with a two hour long route which I planned via a narrow country road followed by Satnav directions to Farnham and Frimley, incorporating motorways, to reinforce the knowledge I had learned in the previous session. My final session was an independent drive to a destination of my choice which was my university which I start in September.

If you’re considering the Pass Plus course with Gina I would highly recommend it, especially if you complete it after a few weeks of passing your test. This enables you to ask Gina any questions you have which weren’t covered during your driving lessons (in my case this was what to do if a Police car on blue lights is behind you at red traffic lights – Gina even ordered a diagram from the DIA to help explain what to do). Thank you Gina for all your support.

James in car for pass plus